Saturday, January 31, 2009


so i'm here in Detroit. which btw, NY seems warm as helllll compared to this freezing weather. it was 13 last night. but the weather channel said it felt like 1 degree. anyhow, i'm here... i get to the venue "1515" to do a lil cameo on the open mic to promote my show today. the host Omari is pretty cool dude. funny too. crowd was light but very supportive. and the dj... here's where it gets crazy... the dj... Andre Royster played a song NO ONE HAS EVER PLAYED BEFORE OR AFTER I STEP TO A STAGE! dude starts rocking "I Apologize"! i was like what!!!? crazy... i don't know anybody in Detroit, and here i'am AT A POETRY VENUE and the dj has a copy of my single from the "Palmistry" album. needless to say, that shit felt good ya'll... i've been working my assss off making music you can dance, bump, think, shower, and make love to... maybe even all at the same time... lol... but yo... there's a first time for everything... and wow, i guess my music is somewhat out there. shit felt right... i was honored. thanks Andre. much love fam... one.


  1. I was at your show in Detroit,and I just wanted to let you know you were great last night! I know the crowd was probably smaller than you are used to, but everyone there really enjoyed your work and appreciated you coming out. So, let's pick quality over quantity?:) Hope you enjoyed Detroit and it's beautiful weather!


  2. Hola Carino!
    I am so glad you came out the night before. I was blessed to share the stage with you. Ojala que no seas tu ultima vez en Detroit. I loved your show! Keep in touch!
    B aka Sistah Dynomite

  3. "...crowd was light but very supportive." We call that an intimate setting. ;) Thanks for coming out...that was my 2nd time seeing you...and it was a completely "new" show. How do u find a shirt with pink buttons?!


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