Friday, March 6, 2009


yea... it was cool... i've had better trips to the west tho. honestly, if it wasn't for San Fran last weekend... this trip would of been wack. however... the last 48 hrs was special.

first, yesterday... i went to the flypoet showcase to support my homie Malcom Jamal Warner (Theo from the Cosby Show, in case your memory sucks..) who was the feature poet. yessss, he's a poet... anyhow, your boy had to get down and rock the stage... went up and did the song "Shootings Stars" acapella. crowd was cool, they felt it... oh! wait! and Mums was there too. he was dope as usual. so yea, Malcom went up later that night and poured his heart out on stage... it was dope. we've rocked that stage before, but last night he murdered it... after the show, me and Malcom had a serious convo in my car about Art and the struggles and hustle of the game. that video will be posted soon...

today, i had two media interviews... a cool interview with my boy Sean for a new online mag. then i also wrote a new song with my boy John West, for my album "Future Intentions". song is called "Still Loving You"... and if you know what John sounds like.... you already know the song is gonna be ill. and then the second interview of this evening was probably the BEST interview i ever had... for reals yo... kid named Shakeib from came thru the crib and we had a BLAST YO! i mean... kid had me freestyling... but he too got in on the freestyle! LOL... yo... son went in... mad luv to him and his dope online publication.

so yea... overall it was cool. but NY... ya'll know what it is... no one compares to the REAL AND RAW OF NEW YORK CITY... NO ONE...

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