Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's been a min since i've hit you all with some goodies from the globe on this blog of mine. forgive me readers... for i have sinned... But your boy was on a college tour this month inspiring minds and moving the hearts of humans. The college tour is officially over. Summer is upon us... and "iiiiiiiiiii feel so goooooooooood to be aaaaaaliiiiive!... so Alive!"... yes indeed. Life is beautiful right now. Putting in work now for the "Future Intentions" once again. expect the music video for "Alive" this summer. (thats if i don't change my mind about the single again LOL).. anyway, here's a pic from the Cab yesterday on my way home from the airport. had to capture the moment. feeling blessed everyday for everything i have. hope you feel the same. L'Ove always... to the Max!

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