Saturday, September 12, 2009

CARLOS "Ziiinc Blue" SALCEDO 1979-2002

I can't believe how fast time passes.. my brother would of been 30 today.. the big 3-0.. wow.. thinking back to times when we were kids, i wonder what would of became of such a voice. his fierce Lion heart. his passion for words... This is why i strive to seek ways in which i could honor him thru music and poems. A lot of you are reading this thinking "well, you've done a lot already"... and yes, to an extent.. this is true. but there is so much more to be done.


  1. yes and you keep on doing max. i remember when i frist layed eyes on you, i could not get eough. happy 30 birthday big bro, we love you and miss you. one love makeba

  2. Makeba! thank you so much my dearest! thank you! :)

  3. Ove,

    Every day of each year, you should find comfort in knowing the gift you have bestowed upon your brother, Carlos Salcedo, is beyond words. With your spirit, your determination, your skills and most of all your LOVE, you have given your brother new LIFE. And what more can anyone ask for?

    So keep doing your thing Mr. O to the Max. Somehow I just know Ziiinc is looking down at you with the same big beautiful smile and yelling...TIIIGER!!


  4. Blessings Ove,

    The man you are today honors your brother, you are his legacy, you are his inheritance, you are his future....his transition became a catalyst and a driving force for you to excel at all that you be a beacon to those who need a light.....He lives inside of you, and if you close your eyes and walk quietly, wherever your favorite place is, you can hear Carlos whisper in your ear....

    I salute and commend your parents for being the conduit for two such wonderful men(you and your brother) to be a presence on this earth and the influence you will continue to bring to future generations.
    Be the legacy, Be the inheritance......

    With peace and love...
    N'Tirzah Ammann al Rephaim

  5. wow.. thank you guys.... my mom and dad will be thrilled to read these.. really...

  6. I would like to say one of these days I would like you to come see me perform, like you I tell my story threw my poetry. I saw a picture of you saying that "you dare us look into your eyes and tell you if we see your brother". To be honest I don't know neither of you, but he's seem lost like he was questioning something and didn't know the answer to it. Yours are more sad like somethings missing. Its kind of hard to explain, but how did he die? PLEASE RESPOND BACK. I know my email is one in a million.

  7. Wow it's crazy I just saw a video of you on youtube saying how he died....It amazes me how most people have similar stories and yet we all express ourselves differently. With poetry it's a healing process and it doesn't delete the pain it just helps us mend it.(I'm speaking from experience). If you could see your brother one last time before he died what would you converse about? Bless your heart.


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