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What a ride it has been. Truly a journey of ups and downs for so many of us. As some of you already know, I lost my only brother to suicide in 2002. That shit set off a ton things in motion. See in 2000, I graduated college with two BA's, moved back to NYC, and started a career in graphic design in the fashion industry. All seemed like it was goin well until my bro passed. But when he sacrificed his life; it gave me the opportunity to bless so many people across the globe with my gift of words. And for that, I'll always be honored and grateful to him.

2003-2004 was such a refreshing time. I felt good vibes after my brother's storm. I remember goin to London/Europe for the first time. Nuyorican Poets Cafe had become my home. The city in the summer was banging. I used to love the electricity that flows from me to the audience and then back to me again. That shit was priceless. Writing everyday was a must. I had like 20 ideas in my head at once. It was a time of uncontrollable inspiration. It was also the end of my career with the Style Council (a really cool print design agency in the fashion district of New York) sort of. I still work with their print agents today. Its cool, sometimes you see my work out there and don't know its mine. ;)

In 2005, I met Rotimi Rainwater, director for SP!T (SPIT). It was an amazing time. It was also the year I stepped onto the Apollo stage. The Nuyorican was home. Every Wed... Every Friday... Me and a bunch of poets would go up in there and rip the mic to release stress, frustration, and the ups and downs of life. Filming SPIT was amazing tho. It felt like it was the opportunity of a lifetime. I mean, think about it... A FILM! On the big screen, worldwide, for all to see Ziiinc, Me, the poets, and the artform of raw spittin. But Nooooooooo... couldn't really happen cuz just like an episode of Entourage, people's egos in Hollywood get in the way and well, SPIT never saw the light of day. Whatever... shit didn't hold me back. I'm always on my next shit...

2006 was the year I started to visit the good folks at LouderARTS. It was definitely different than Nuyorican but It was cool. It had a vibe I hadn't seen yet in the poetry scene in New York. Needless to say for the next three years along with Rachel, Marty, Gomez, Roger, and a few other young guns we set the stage for what extraordinary writing can do at the National Poetry Slams. It was fun. It was a blessing. But something was wrong for me. Personally. The entire time I was out there doing these open mics and writing these poems I kept thinking about goin back to the one thing I knew I was meant to do... Music. That was always the plan. Music. But the beautiful distraction that was poetry wouldn't let me go back just yet...

2007 rolls around and I land a spot on the final season of HBO's Def Poetry. That was pretty cool cuz I remember seeing the posters all over the subway train and even watching it on tv thinking to myself, "I have to be on this".. and so when it did happen, I was feeling very blessed to say the least. I think later that year I also did the BET lyric cafe. Shouts to Lynton for putting me on. I miss ATL btw... Its where Lynton, my long time college friend and my cousin live. Wait, unless they moved? Lol. Need to check up on them. Movie of the year was "No Country for Old Men".

2008 was the year I started to mess around with music more. The transition had begun to take place. Slowly... but surely. I co-own a record label with my good friends called SEED. One day while I was brushing my teeth, Bradford James (co-founder) lets me hear this record produced by Boddhi Satva. Beat was crazy! So I started freestyling the hook right from the bathroom to the living room and the rest is now iTunes history. I also started working with Dave D*Sol Rivera (a dope dj, producer, and engineer) who is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Things I guess were starting to fall in the right place. 2008 would also mark the year I retired from competing in "slam" poetry. Not because I was "over" it. Not at all... It was because I had to return to what was in heart since day one. The music was calling me.

2009... My breakout year I guess you could say as a recording artist. But not like I blew up and shit. LOl.. no.. I just mean that it was the year I "broke" out of my shell musically. With the release of "Apologize" and the club banger "Mirror Dance" suddenly for me at least, it became clear where I felt truly at home. And then there was THIS! "Future Intentions" is the brain child of Anthony Thosh Collins who produced most of the album and Me. I released it on 2Pac's birthday to signify a rebirth of sorts not only for myself and my brother, but to all the people who support me. In the last 2 years since I've disappeared from the poetry stage, I've
written over 100 songs. Recorded bout half of them already.

(gotta go for now.. but I'll finish this later... I promise)

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