Monday, May 3, 2010


This song is for all the Artists out there who act like THEY'RE SHIT DON'T STINK. muthafuckas guess what... it DOES.. just like everybody else's. Can't stand muthafuckas with egos. so unnecessary. no, is. This all started when I was rocking a few shows at SXSW this year and I was telling my friend Radio Rose about how some dudes act funny like they don't know you or like they need security as if they was on some MJ shit. AND THEY'RE NOT!

Anyway, as always, I will not dissapoint you with the lyrics. The original song from Flying Lotus is titled "Sangria Spin Cycles". You can get that from StonesThrow Records. which btw, my homie Dam Funk is on that label. so make sure ya'll support him. thats my dude. So yeah, I wrote a song with the whole "wine" theme to keep Lotus' original idea goin. In my lyrics you'll notice that the entire song is written in "wine" metaphor. Just like I said in the opening... "Art is like Wine, let it age for awhile before you spill your EGO." Nuff said. ps. This Painting you see here is by Ruth Olivar Millan.

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