Tuesday, July 31, 2012


L'Ove Chant (track list) 

01  Currambero de Gamero - LaPrena (Santos Mix)
02  Kiko Navarro & Tuccillo - Lovery (Yoruba Soul Mix) 
03  Osunlade - My Reflection (ft. Divine) 
04  Oveous Maximus - I Apologize (Ezel's Remix) 
05  Roy Ayers - Tarzan (Yoruba Soul Mix) 
06  Mr. V ft. Miss Patty & Erricson - Coquito (Move My Body)
07  Peter Hadar - Move it 
08  Black Eyed Peas ft. Oveous Maximus - I Gotta Feeling (Mr. V & ReelSoul Mix) 
09  Soul Central - Time After Time (Yoruba Soul Dub) (ft. Abigail Bailey) 
10  Dennis Ferrer - The Red Room (Obj Vocal Mix) 
11  Little Dragon - Swimming (Zick Remix) 
12  Boddhi Satva - Stop Crying (ft. Sage Monk) 
13  Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Oveous Live Edit ReMix) 


  1. I love the Afro beats Ove!!! Wonderful job mi amor!

    1. thank you! glad ur enjoying it! much L'Ove!

  2. I am! I just downloaded the chant today to play on my way to work lol...ya tu sabe que tienes fans in the OC y Los Angeles :) btw... "I apologize" was legit!

    Cuidate :)


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OVEOUS embodies brilliant lyricism with a powerful performance. Perhaps his greatest strength is that he was able to turn his brother's suicide into a global mission for mental healing and the positive uplifting of all people he comes across with thru his music. He earned a standing ovation on HBO Def Jam and has been a winner multiple times on "Showtime at the Apollo". His now classic hit song "Mirror Dance" with Osunlade still rocks the core of your soul on the dance floor. Working with Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva, and Osunlade has put him on the path of artists to watch grow. Oveous is a Rapper, Vocalist, & Producer who makes music to help your heart, beat. So Don't miss the Beat!