Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After many many MANY months of hard work and determination... i bring you MY HEART! "Future Intentions".. my first Music album. I welcome all criticism. even if it sounds like your hating... but please have an open mind. I was a RAPPER waaaaaaay BEFORE i was a "spokenword" artist. so i know some of you will be delighted and some surprised..

all in all... i want you to enjoy this musical project. I want you all to listen to how carefully a Virgo like myself put the tracks in a certain order... I want all REVIEWS from magazines and MUSIC BLOGS TO BE HONEST. fuck it... i'm not scared of your opinions. i'm a grown assss man. But i'm a young Artist. and I KNOW THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM TO GROW... and GROW... I WILL... WELCOME TO THE "FUTURE"...



  1. Yo, feelin' da sounds! Me tienes hip hoppin-dazin-blazin-phazin. amazin-album. I'm definitely recommendin in 2 la gente.

  2. Oveous i'm intoxicated! the lyrics: rigor, depth, i hadn't been moved this way in a long time - what shatters me, is how U give of Urself. The productions, eclectic, dary. Yes of course you did very carefully pick an order for the tracks, and it works, as i take off in space before i feel precipitated into warm currents then find myself ashore in a strange land neither dreamy nor nightmarish, a place of truth and suddenly boom - he takes me to a club and by the time eerie, dark shadows show up again, i have gained enough power to make it to the future… totally tripping, ipod headset full blast riding trains thru Paris Town and knowing that i know something a lot of others here yet don't know… and i want them to know!! wow - so thankful i finally found a spot in the cyberspace to express my gratitude, admiration and respect. I LOVE what you do with DâM's productions too btw, (he's THE other one that bust my skull apart, only you and him in my ipod, the rest has become so irrelevant that i know i really ought to make an effort and get on sound rehab) - how your melodic lines bring out a whole another dimension in/of Damon's Music: the combination of the two takes me beyond every border and limitation in time or space.whenever you decide to open some kind of access for private communication (i.e. follow me on Twitter so I can DM U = @YearOfEmpress), I'll let you know what new dream i was given to dream about today - while riding a train thru Paris, listening to 'Strobelights'. Thank you Oveous. Looking 4ward to the next opus. Peace&Respect, 1Luv


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OVEOUS embodies brilliant lyricism with a powerful performance. Perhaps his greatest strength is that he was able to turn his brother's suicide into a global mission for mental healing and the positive uplifting of all people he comes across with thru his music. He earned a standing ovation on HBO Def Jam and has been a winner multiple times on "Showtime at the Apollo". His now classic hit song "Mirror Dance" with Osunlade still rocks the core of your soul on the dance floor. Working with Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva, and Osunlade has put him on the path of artists to watch grow. Oveous is a Rapper, Vocalist, & Producer who makes music to help your heart, beat. So Don't miss the Beat!